It's July 3, 1863: Civil War Scavenger Hunt 1

You have an important mission. You must complete Civil War Scavenger Hunt 1 to provide information to the Union Army of the Potomac on the rebellion situation.

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We are currently engaged in our third day of fighting in a key battle at Gettysburg. Perform your duty as a scout well, and we might win the war!

Find the answers to these facts about the Civil War:


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  1. When did this Civil War begin? Where?

  2. What happened during John Brown's Raid and where did it take place?

  3. Which states have seceded from the Union?

  4. Who is the President of the Confederacy and in what other war did he fight?

  5. Why does the South think that slaves are important?

  6. When did our President Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclamation and why was it important?

  7. What is the name of the general in command of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia's Confederate forces on this date here at Gettysburg?

  8. What is the name of the hill south of town that our Union forces hold and who fought there yesterday on July 2nd?

  9. Who is here to report on the battle from the newspaper Harper's Weekly?

  10. Name the 3 border states that have not taken sides in this American Civil War.

Did you successfully complete your mission and find all of the Civil War facts? When you're ready, move on to Civil War Scavenger Hunt 2 to become a real Civil War trivia expert.

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