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The early cameras in use for Civil War photography developed very slowly.

Not only was it was too risky to take Gettysburg photos during the actual battle, but there was too much movement.

The cameras of the era required a long exposure time.

Photographers and artists with sketchpads came in afterwards to capture the scene or recreate what they had witnessed.

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Battle Pictures of Gettysburg PA
Take a look at historical Gettysburg photographs and learn how to research more Civil War pictures from your computer.

Civil War Photographers and Sketch Artists as Battle Reporters
Civil War photographers and artists with sketchpads came in after battles to capture the scene or recreate Battle of Gettysburg pictures showing what they had witnessed.

Civil War Dresses
The dresses that Victorian women wore were not always made from curtains like the famous scene in Gone with the Wind.

Your Best Gettysburg Pictures
Share your best Gettysburg photosand rate what others have submitted.

Gettysburg Civil War Art
The drama at Gettysburg and its lasting impact on US history have been illustrated in various forms of Civil War art from prints to movies.

Round Top View Picnic Couple Here's a couple enjoying a picnic with a view of the
Big and Little Round Top hills from West Confederate Avenue.

A Special Gettysburg Picture

You may have heard of the Gettysburg Cyclorama. It was a special circular painting to make you feel like you were in the action of battle. These cyclorama paintings toured the country for people to see at fairs.

The best one has been preserved as an exhibit at Gettysburg National Military Park. It recently underwent a restoration process and is now available for public viewing at the new Visitors Center building.

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