Where is Gettysburg, Pa.?

Now that you have decided to visit, you are probably wondering, "Where is Gettysburg and how do I get there?"

Well, its exact position coordinates in the state of Pennsylvania, in the eastern region of the United States of America, are 39° 49' N latitude and 77° 13' W longitude.

If you want to know where it is in relation to major roads, see the Gettysburg area map for Gettysburg tourism information.

Gettysburg is the Adams County seat and was named after founder James Gettys in the 1780s, but the town was not incorporated until 1806.

Where is Gettysburg in relation to other major cities?

United States

  • Baltimore, MD: 48 miles, 78 km
  • Beverly Hills, CA: 2289 miles, 3686 km
  • Charleston, SC: 607 miles, 977 km
  • Chicago, IL: 564 miles, 907 km
  • Denver, CO: 1470 miles, 2366 km
  • Emmitsburg, MD: 11 miles, 18 km
  • Fredericksburg, VA: 106 miles, 172 km
  • Gettysburg, OH: 385 miles, 621 km
  • Gettysburg, SD: 1216 miles, 1957 km
  • Harrisburg, PA: 36 miles, 58 km
  • Hershey, PA: 43 miles, 70 km
  • Houston, TX: 1240 miles, 1996 km
  • Lancaster, PA: 50 miles, 81 km
  • New Orleans, LA: 997 miles, 1605 km
  • New York City, NY: 182 miles, 293 km
  • Orlando, FL: 809 miles, 1302 km
  • Philadelphia, PA: 106 miles, 171 km
  • Pittsburgh, PA: 151 miles, 244 km
  • Portland, ME: 446 miles, 718 km
  • Portland, OR: 2313 miles, 3723 km
  • San Francisco, CA: 2415 miles, 3886 km
  • Washington, DC: 64 miles, 104 km
  • York, PA: 28 miles, 46 km


  • Beijing, China: 6868 miles, 11052 km
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: 5286 miles, 8506 km
  • London, England, UK: 3635 miles, 5850 km
  • Moscow, Moskva, Russia: 4816 miles, 7749 km
  • Paris, France: 3803 miles, 6119 km
  • Sydney, New South Wales, Austrailia: 9770 miles, 15722 km
  • Toronto, ON, Canada: 288 miles, 464 km

Is there an important city I missed? Please tell me why it's important, and I'll consider adding it!

Planning a Trip

When planning a Gettysburg vacation, there are several things to consider:

Plan ahead so you can see and do the things you want to!

Traveling with the family?

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