Gettysburg Battle History

A full appreciation of the town is not possible without a basic understanding of the Gettysburg battle history and where events took place. The fighting lasted only three days in July of 1863 yet the effects have been felt ever since.

It's been over 150 years since the Battle of Gettysburg ended on July 3, 1863.

Picture the scene:
The thunderous cannons firing between wild Rebel yells and Yankee shouts. The glimpse of a tattered flag though thick smoke. The warm blood of men and horses spread across the ground. Of the 165,000 soldiers (75,000 Confederate and 90,000 Union), 11,000 men died or were mortally wounded during the battle. Another 29,000 wounded men survived.

It's hard to imagine such a gruesome scene in the peaceful battlefields today, although you can come close in a reenactment. The movie Gettysburg shows the battle at Gettysburg in realistic detail.

The battle was such a defining event, now known as the high water mark of the Civil War. Since it made this little country town famous, I will share the basics of what happened.

The Battle of Gettysburg Timeline
The battle of Gettysburg timeline gives a summary of everything from the events leading up to the battle in July 1863 to the aftermath and life after the Civil War.

Battle Maps of Gettysburg, Days 1-3
Visualize events with a battle of Gettysburg map that shows the Union and Confederate battlefield lines during this Civil War battle. Each historical Gettysburg battle map reveals Civil War facts.

The Gettysburg Address Text
Read the Gettysburg address text to learn about when, where, and why it was given by Abraham Lincoln and its meaning and impact.

Abraham Lincoln Biography
Understand Gettysburg by reading a short Abraham Lincoln biography and learning some basic facts about Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War.

Flags of the Civil War in Gettysburg Battle History
The flags of the Civil War came in a variety of shapes and colors. Gain a basic understanding of the colors and symbols used on both the Civil War Union flag and the Confederate flags.

Civil War Money Facts
Learn the Civil War money facts about inflation, Civil War paper money, shortages of Civil War Coins, as well as modern Lincoln and Gettysburg coin production.

American Civil War Timeline
Explore the American Civil War timeline to see how the Battle of Gettysburg fits into Civil War history.

Civil War Lesson Plans
These Civil War lesson plans will make your social studies unit on U.S. history easier and more fun. Study Gettysburg battle history and other battles of the Civil War.

Gettysburg Genealogy Research
Picture what happened to your ancestors by researching Civil War genealogy and rosters of people in the Civil War. Connecting to the battle personally makes it come alive!

Here are some music samples and a Gettysburg Address audio clip:

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