Battlefield Map of Gettysburg

I created my own battlefield map of Gettysburg that shows the places I feel are most important to visit to understand Civil War tactics and the battle of Gettysburg. If you take a guided tour or a self-guided tour using the auto road, you will most likely visit these landmarks as part of the route. I still thought it might be nice to have a Gettysburg battle map with the specific sites so that you can see how they relate to each other and how to find your way there if you only want to visit somewhere specific.

The East Cavalry Battlefield Site is east of town, east of route 15, so you'll have to pan the battle of Gettysburg map over to see it. Use the + and ? buttons to zoom in and out.

You can also take a look at the modern Gettysburg map with just the roads or the historic battle maps of Gettysburg with Union and Conferderate army positions.

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