The Hoffman Mansion

by Vincent Diana
(Lancaster, PA)

I am the same person who wrote The Boy from Maryland.

It was me, my mom, her boyfriend, and his daughter (Syd). We have gone to Gettysburg again and went on the tour with Spooky and her team to the Hoffman Mansion. It was the tour where they gave you all sorts of stuff to hunt and find ghosts. She tells us years after the war that a girl commited suicide and that people have seen a black masss in corners, and after they seen the mass bad things happen.

So after she explains it to us, me and Syd go up to the second floor. We walk around a little bit and these two people ask if they can walk around with us. We agree and by that time we are heading up to the attic which is installation, so at the top of the stairs we sit down and try to capture evps. We take a few pictures and get ready to leave when we feel a very very cold breeze, so we sit back down and ask questions like "show yourself" and things like that. The door then just closes.

It was so cool, we sit just letting the recorder recording, then one of Spooky's team comes up to take some pictures and almost dropping his camera he tells us to look and in the corner is a very, very black mass. It resembles a girl but we couldn't see her feet. Then we realized that what looked like a rope was hanging from the ceiling...

Spooky ran up wanting to see the mass as did everyone else then Spooky said that's excatly where the girl was hanging and a few secounds later the mass was gone. The whole thing was there for 2-3 mintues... I have more stories to tell and if you don't belive me go to and look for the halloween weekend 2011 for the pictures of the mass.

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Aug 26, 2012
I went this week and it was amazing!
by: Anonymous

I went this week on a lark. A two-hour supervised hunt with the GPA at Hoffman Farm. I have never been into this stiff, but let me tell you, what I experienced was awesome and beyond explainable. Highly recommend reaching out to the agPA and doing this hunt!

Apr 22, 2012
Overnight investigation
by: Anonymous

I belong to a paranormal investigation group in Maryland. We are intersted in investigating The Hoffman Mansion. Do you know who the contact person is to make an overnight investigation reservation?

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