Boyds Bears Gettysburg

The Boyds Bears Gettysburg Barn permanently closed on January 31, 2011.

The big red barn and silo of Boyds Bears Gettysburg are not visible from Cunningham Rd., but there are signs and painted bear paws up the driveway to lead you to the right place. I was a bit confused about the paw prints in the parking lot at first, but then we figured out that each section is a different color paw print to help you remember where you parked.

The Humongous Teddy Bear Store

Boyds Bear Country is certainly big! There are three levels of teddy bears and friends, plus a lower level serving food. You can get around easily using the escalators or elevator.

The bears are displayed by theme. For example, there was a garden area with Boyds teddy bears around an indoor stream, a Christmas section with bears around trees, and several others. Ask for a map at the front desk when you walk in.

I especially liked walking through the little museum area and learning about the history of how Boyds Bears were developed and how the company grew. It was very interesting! Did you know that Boyds is actually a town in Maryland? There's a neat display of all the retired resin bear figurines.

On the third floor are the famous Bear Factory and Teddy Bear Nursery. In the factory, you can build a Boyds Bear plush stuffed animal from scratch. You get to keep the hard hat! Or you can go through the adoption process in the nursery. It's fun for the whole family, but be prepared to pay a fair bit for the experience! There is a clearance section in the barn for thrifty collectors.

A Special Place

Visiting Boyds Bears Gettysburg and other places with the kids creates some great memories. It's also a nice stop for senior bus trips. They have live entertainment in the lodge sometimes, but there was nothing on the day we first visited. Everyone was busy preparing for the Longarberger Basket Fest!

Can't make it to Boyds Bears Gettysburg? You can go bear hunting from this page. Clicking on the photo above will open a new window with the Boscov's shopping cart. Or check out what's available for your Boyds Bear Collection on Amazon below. If you make a purchase after entering the other websites through these ads, I will receive a few cents as an affiliate. That's what allows me to keep this website up and running. Thank you for your support!

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