Acrostic Battle of Gettysburg Poetry

I wrote the acrostic Battle of Gettysburg poem you can read below. What do you think?

An acrostic poem is where you spell a word with the first letter of every line of the poem.

The lines can be simple or quite complex with techniques such as alliteration, metaphors, rhythm, and rhyme.

Writing an acrostic about Gettysburg or the Civil War seems to be a popular assignment for students since there are so many words and topics that can be used.

Did you have to write a poem like this for school or have you written one for fun?

Boys march to confrontation
At Gettysburg on Union soil
True to the cause
They stand together and fight
Led by a loyalty to their nation
Even though the nation is divided On march the lines of blue and grey
Facing each other in fire Ground trembles
Eardrums burst
Three days of battle
Test their spirits
Yearning for freedom
Smoke fills the air
Boys cry for mother
Union stands firm on the ridge
Rain comes on July 4th
Grey men, wounded, weakened, fallen

Now you try writing an acrostic poem! Do another Gettysburg acrostic or try related terms like Abraham Lincoln or General Robert E. Lee.

Please share your favorite Civil War poems with me, and I'll post the best ones here on this website! We'll create an online Civil War poetry collection.

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